Her final trip has started here,
in the kitchen of her Moscow apartment, on the 16th floor.
Somebody will remove that some day. Not I.
She returned there, just for a while, before leaving for ever.
And now, she is in Geneva, in her favorite hotel,
where they knew her well and remembered her.
Early in the morning, on the way once again.
Nyon, under the sign of the fish, her sign of the zodiac.
It is time to bid adieu to Switzerland.
The boat is already waiting...
Like a seagull flew by—and she is no longer here...
How she liked the moments of approaching that shore!
Now, she has arrived.
Everything has got empty without her.
One could recall her just recently sitting by the shore...
But there is nobody.
She looked at the lake...
Now, she herself has become that lake.
Here is her last harbor.
And her tombstone.
Take the last quick look...
And leave her alone with the voices of the wind and the waves.
Now we are entirely separated.
The lake was getting rough.
Geneva cried for her.
Then it began to snow.
She was going to be on the concert of Johnny Hallyday.
In effect, he sang at her funeral.
In her honor.